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World’s largest snow blower HD

Over 2000 hp installed power capacity. Take a look at “normal big” snow blowers compared to this beast. Made in Norway, of course…

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Ralph Swartz says:

PERFECT for illegally parked cars in my parking lot!

INFI LLC says:

O hey car… nom nom nom

j rich says:

thats charlie sheens dealer delivering this weekends coke!!

RV Liveing With Wranglerdave says:

wrong the 1966 Union Pacific Rotary Snowplow. The #900081 is truly an
awesome beast. It’s the heaviest of it’s kind and it’s powered by a massive
GM/EMD 16 Cylinder Turbo Diesel that cranks out 3000 horsepower. All the
power from it’s massive engine goes to power the 12 foot diameter rotary
blades. and is the largest snow blower in the world

trainlover479 says:

that is SO not the largest snowblower, look at railroad rotary plows….

Kriss Schrader says:

I wouldn’t mind taking a ride in one of these monsters.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals says:

Since winter has been making it’s presence known the last couple of weeks,
we thought we would share a snow blower video

Mike Gaskin says:

The TV 2000 is more properly termed the world’s largest rubber-tired

DTD110865 says:

I never said you were wrong. I showed the link to prove that you were right.

RV Liveing With Wranglerdave says:

it doesn’t matter if it rail or road the title of the video is World’s
largest snow blower and that’s just plain false

DTD110865 says:

True: watch?v=Mwgjx-MP5m0 But that UP snowblower is strictly rail-operated.

SwollenRhino says:

theres hundreds of these all over the Country, Ski resorts, Airports,
factories, construction company’s . This is not the only 1

Adam @ A&B Coffee says:

You are correct! I can’t belive they think this is the largest snowblower
in the world!

ricky bowers says:

Pray to God That the floor Doesn’t break Or you won’t be Here Anymore

gekkomaster1 says:

there is a good reason Oslo airport has only been closed twice since 1998
because of snow. :P

John Jensen says:

Cool video … but not what I consider huge. The local DOT has a dual stage
that dwarfs this, and we don’t even live in an area that gets that much

Shankar Kushwaha says:

king kong with us

SirFrag32 says:

Cocaine’s a hell of a drug

94meriks says:

What happend to the 60km/h?

Dirk Broer says:

Sweden and Norway get snow every year for the last couple of centuries.
Even before Columbus went to America.

MrSilenceMaster says:

nice for a snowwar =D

Assassinations101 says:

……..meanwhile in Canada…

PK Finans says:

Please show me this bigger train snowblower.

BigAndyB says:

@nmariana11 try watching the full video and you will see the machine after
the volvo…

Scully says:

according to the dick map, they also have small penises, so it makes sense!

Jared Heyde says:

wow those machines are awsome

Apophis392 says:


joek0617 says:

@vistaman73 haven’t had an issue yet, although i suspect it would go right
through, my old single stage, from the 60′s

PK Finans says:

It was made in Norway by Ƙveraasen. Not by Kodiak.

Daniel Madsen says:


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