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Toro CCR Powerlite Snow Blower Repair Quick Fix part #2

Toro CCR Powerlite snowblower Repair Quick Fix Video part #2 Maintenance & repairs: Carburetor & Gas tank clean out – Governor control adjustment – Change sp…

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TurboJunkie1000 says:

@31pockets I have a newer toro snowblower and it runs great but when I go
to engage snow blades the second flap in the carb does nothing and the idle
will not go up. Does something have to push the throttle flap open or is
the pressure from the motor supposed to suck it open to rev up rpms? I
could really use the help

Richard Szwedo says:

I need to see assembly of governor linkage arm on 98cc toro snowblower

randomfreak9865 says:

Where did you get the primer rubber top thing from?

31pockets says:

@fastkenner70 glad it worked out! thanks for the comment

montyloree says:

Do you fix these for a living? Where do you get the space to do the repairs?

mccr3328 says:

Thanks this was very helpful after trying for 2 days I followed your tips
and it started right up I saved at least $100.00 in repair bills!

randomfreak9865 says:

Where did you get that primer rubber top thing from???

Joe Petrella says:

what size spark plug does it take?

dino3721 says:

Thank you so much for making this video. I just bought this model and did
the tune up. Runs great. Very helpful information for any snow blower.

fastkenner70 says:

Great video!! I was having problems getting mine to start. I cleaned up the
float bowl and bolt and it runs great. The jet was plugged up with old oil.
Thank You!!!

DarylSiano says:

Thank you kind sir. I especially liked how you use the compressor to clean
the gas tank out. I’m not a mechanic of any sort but I got mine running
like a top after not running for 4 years! Very detailed and informative.
God bless you and your family!

31pockets says:

Hi, usually this quick help video will work if the blower has sat with gas
in it for 2 years or less in storage, 3 years or more will sometimes
destroy the low speed Idle passage way in side the carb and when this
happens I will usually replace with a new carburetor. another thing that
can happen with start up – stall outs is that the piston or cylinder went
bad or the crank seal is leaking air under the flywheel, in trouble
shooting always start with the easy things first. I hope this helps!

31pockets says:

Thanks 1TINBEATER, Sorry I cant look at your Channel to long; all that food
is making me really hungry right now! Thanks again 31pockets

31pockets says:

Primer is from Weingartz Supply Utica Mi. Or any other Toro part supply
dealers near you. Just write down your model and deck numbers located on
the lower part of the snow blower and make sure you have them with you to
buy the new one.

1tinbeater says:


Chuck Preen says:

HI I did this to my toro powerlite the speed surges up and down –if i run
1/2 choke it is ok any ideas?

john van cor says:

ive got this model,thanks for the videos.

stlouissux9119 says:

How did you get the snow to blow so far? Is that just good paddles?

Shadd henkelman says:

I have a tecumseh mtd from my parents,.. it didnt work when i got it,..
took it apart to replace the auger belt that was snapped. I noticed a chain
link laying on the bottom too,.. noticed theres a chain drive to each wheel
inside,.. one of those are busted,.. any ideas on how to get inside and
replace those?

bob cosen says:

a piece of gas line hose used to reinstall the spark plug make the job a
little easier

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