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How to Change the Primer Bulb on a Toro Single Stage Snowblower

Changing a primer bulb is similar for most Toro single stage snowblowers, and this repair video explains the disassembly and installation steps to do just th…

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dinog213 says:

Made it look simple.Thank you

Ken Streeter says:

Thanks, eReplacementParts, for the great how-to video. I was able to
replace the primer bulb on my Toro CCR2400 without any trouble thanks to
your tutorial video. Without the video, this could have been a frustrating
repair. Knowing that it is normal for the red cover to be difficult to
remove and then finagle back into place for reassembly was a big help.

nldekker says:

How about changing the primer bulb on a two stage Toto 828?

Shark0900 says:

Excellent video and now I know how to change my primer bulb and I can
change my spark plug all at the same time. Thank You says:

@marc8283 Thanks so much. Glad to be of help!

madman1124 says:

I would just like to say thank you for the videos, they are really
informative, easy to understand and listen to, you explain everything in
detail and make this easy. thanks you very much

Alice Hsiao says:

This video deserve to be there for long time. Many thanks Mark.

Coonstev says:

Thank-you, this was exactly what I needed. says:

@CjtSgt That is the correct part. The primer bulb is a tight fit over the
base. That can be kind of a pain sometimes. Heating the bulb in some hot
tap water will make it a bit more pliable. Just be sure to dry it of before
you install it so that you don’t send any water into the carb. Good luck,

John Doe says:

Is that the CCR2000 single Stage? I know it’s got the same primer as mine,
and the bulb split right on the side fold, can I get a part number so I can
order it from you?

MrMonkeywizard says:

Great tips. My Toro snowblower is a slightly different model, but
everything was about the same. Thank you so much!

Abraham Chong says:

Thank you

David John says:

Perfect instructions, very helpful

listener5610 says:

NIce instructional video. Thanks a ton, saved me a lot of time as I was
starting to remove the top cover! Also glad to know I got the correct
primer bulb because it looked too small as others have said.

John Spevacek says:

Sam Snow is almost right on – treat it like a bicycle tire, meaning use
tire irons instead of a screwdriver. I think a paint can opener would also
be a less than perfect option, but still better than a screwdriver. Also,
as a professional polymer engineer, keeping the snowblower away from ozone
sources (any continuously running electrical equipment) will help prolong
the bulb’s life. Mine made it 20 years. Thanks Mark, great video. I did
this, pulled the cord and away she went…

Bill Schmahl says:

Thanks for putting this video on youtube.. I need to replace my promer
bulb. JUST ordered a replacement. SHOULD have ordered the white piece as
well as I think it maybe brittle (from age) and break…

pwrshots says:

I should of found this sooner. I went the other way and removed the top
cover. The worst part is getting that rubber piece to fit that white
plastic piece, Bold move on your part to use that sharp screw driver.

rriv47 says:

very clear and informative, I think I can do it!

mark kirby says:

Thanks for making this…I was sure I had the wrong part, but after this
view I have everything running like it should be again

Sam Snow says:

Hi, Great video! here’s a little help for some of the people that owns this
machine that needs to replace the primer bulb; it works for me 1 – treat
the bulb like you’re replacing your bicycle tire. 2 – put bulb over white
“thing”. 3 – the part of the bulb that doesn’t cover the white thing, slip
a screwdriver into it and stretch it as far as it will go by leveraging
against the white thing and HOLD IT with one hand. With other screwdriver
do the same and it should pull over the white thing. says:

You’re very welcome. Thanks for watching, everybody. says:

You’re both very welcome. Thanks for the great feedback. says:

@KingOfTheClutch We used a CCR3000 in this video. The CCR2000 and the
CCR3000 are nearly identical machines however. The primer bulb on your 2000
would be the same one shown in the video. It is part number 66-7460. I hope
this helps and thanks for watching our videos! -Mark

FreakShow2008a says:

Excellent video. I replaced my primer bulb tonight. Primer bulb was a
little tough to get centered once on the white piece but I eventually got
it. Also, putting that plastic piece back on required some fancy
positioning… but after all of that, it started on the firt pull. It was
given to me by a neighbor last week. Just in time for some snow expected
this weekend, Thanks!

Devoy Mckenzie says:

Thanks…I have been using a hand pump for an exercise ball to prime my
snow blower. Now that i know how to replace it, I’ll order the primer

john van cor says:

enjoyed it,thanks for the tips.

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