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Craftsman 2 Stage Snowblower 21″ Path – 5HP – Tank Tracks- Elec Start FOR SALE EBAY

See ebay listing: This is the unique Craftsman Two Stage 5HP “Storm …

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WhySoManyPasswords says:

Bad side, noisey as hell. :-)

archangel20031 says:

Could you bounce around the camera a little more? I have one and in deep or
wet snow it has a hard time as it should be 10 hp for that size blower. The
track is also a pain to move without the engine running. I had to make a
furnature dolly for mine to move it around. With the grey color, I need
Panzer tank stickers for mine!

Tommy Anderson says:

Sir please contact me at my eBay account, I sent you a message. please get
back to me asap. I don’t think you will believe me. . But please get back
to me ASAP. Thank you

rob kuhnke says:

I have the same, but mine has wheels on it. It has been threw many winters
and it is time to replace it.

WhySoManyPasswords says:

This model kick-ass on snow. Mine was bought 25 yrs ago. (holy crap) I was
15 and the only one that has ever used it. Still chucking snow. Moved it
from New England to Chicago. No snowfall to heavy for this beast of a
snowblower. Made back when “made in the USA” ment something ( and when
stuff was actually made in the usa)

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